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Latest Update July 24 2017
Whether you still skydive or not, there are certainly other things you enjoy in life. This is the place to show what you like to do on the side. Use the link below to send in your story. Keep it short and to the point.

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from: Larry Walsh

Livin' The Good Life

Hope you are all doing well. I'm loving life out here in Nowhere Nevada...

Blue ones,

from: Mike Owens

Old and New Rigs

In keeping with what Linda had to say about keeping the site fun...

Here is a picture of my first rig in 1976

And one of my last rigs in 2005.

Here is a couple pictures of my latest Drone.

from: Hank Ascuito

Keeping It Fun - Sturgis With Mike Owens

Last December, I mentioned to Michael that I was thinking about riding to Sturgis in 2007. He said it was a “great idea” and so the planning began. We knew the trip would require equipment, fortitude and 3000 miles of hard riding. What we didn’t know, is just how much rain and bad weather we would experience. The trip can be best described as a quest and we logged over 600 miles in the rain and bad weather.

Keep in mind, this quest was to last two weeks. Every item had to be carried or purchased when we got there. Michael was able to carry the minimum he needed, on his bike. I had a different problem; a chopper carries one person, clothing and a tooth brush. My solution was to tow a trailer and so the construction began. Now we could take other equipment, which would make our stay in Sturgis comfortable.

This was our camp in tent city

The days were long, but we still found time to target practice.

More target practice.

Down town Sturgis, SD

Needed R & R

The center of Buffalo Chip.

from: Gray Eagle

Fun Division

Bill and Betty Davis keep it fun by cruising a trail in Tonto Nat'l Forest in Eastern Arizona.
Bill and Betty


from: Gypsy D-14710 and his wife Dana D-14711 and son Wil

More Fun Stuff

First off , since Sturgis has been mentioned... Our first trip there, back in 77, Last time I ever shaved!

Me and My Wife there in 88...From In the wind Magazine!

Her bike was featured in Easyriders that year! To keep from overloading the site, I'll leave it at that for now!
Other than to say, here is the number one reason why I don't jump as much as I used to.

My son Wil, Nicked Named "Chainsaw" By Bear, before he was born!.....

from: Linda Whisenhunt

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate the Air Trash website!!! Jake & I have not been able to jump for awhile because I have been in school and have graduated as an RN last December. I am currently working as a Telemetry Nurse & will be transferring to ICU/CCU in 2 weeks. My husband, Jake has been such a life saver through my change in careers. My children have also kept us very busy. Brandon is 9 & Danielle is 6, they are the love of my life!!

Jake & I have started a new teach me to be a "Biker Mama":) I bought us each a Harley Davidson for Father's Day. I took a motorcycle class a couple of weekends ago & have been practicing in a nearby parking lot until I am safe to join the traffic on the roads. Look out world, I will be out there soon!!! I am sending a picture of my new toy for you all to see, so keep an eye in your rearview mirror for me:) I hope we will see you all out at Perris on Oct 20th.

Linda Whisenhunt

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