Grumpy Gimpy Old Farts Reunion 2018

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Location - Skydive Taft
Date - May 25, 26, 27, 2018
Aircraft - Beech 99
Participants - ?
Cut Aways - 0
Injuries - 0

John Bull is honored at the 2018 OLí FARTS reunion at Skydive Taft. After many years of handing out awards to various Olí Farts attendees, Bully received a plaque from Donna Wardean and Chris Deli Schlipp with help from John Velardo and was presented by Fred B. Jan Works was also in attendance at the meeting and presented Bully with Pat Worksí very rare, original yellow Air Trash cap.

After 34yrs, long time Air Trash member Duke "Redneck" Goodreau had reunited with Don Vredenburg, who abducted him at the '84 Nationals. Redneck recalled the story of how he raced a DC-3 on his Harley down the runway and won, then mooned the plane as it took off. Also told the story about singing the A.T. song on top of the Air Trash Bus.

Once again, Bully handed out more awards. This time they went to all the Newell kids. Not sure what the awards were for, but no doubt for putting up with their dad for so many years.

Air Trash is also One Member Closer To World Domination. Jan Gorman was abducted by Donna Wardean, check out the New Guy Page.

Celia, Mary Stages sister, brought Mary's and Bill Stage's ashes to be spread over the dropzone. Mary's brother and Celia's husband were also there for the ash dive.

Many thanks goes to John, Rachael, and Sophie for providing great food for everyone.

Air Trash would also like to thank Lelo and Claudia of Skydive Taft for hosting the event.

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Photos by: Don Vredenburg

Photos by: Rachael Newell

Photos by: Fred B.