Jump For John

By Patty O'Toole

I made this jump in memory of my father John O'Toole. He became a legend on Dec. 22, 2001. He always wanted to jump a square, but never did. At his wake, a friend of his, Alex Reed who was one of my Dads drinking buddies donated this tandem to the family. Since I had never jumped a square either, I made the jump for both of us. I told everyone, one last time for my Dad, but I can't garantee that because, I loved freefall. Maybe I'll see you all someday at 12.5

Patricia O'Toole

Tandem Master Jim Wallace and Patty pose for the post skydive camera shot.

Claude Vantassel gives Patty the "Thumbs Up".

Air Trash members Claude Vantassel and Dirty Ed in the Bomb Shelter to help Patty cellibrate.

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