Corona Airport Disaster
Photos Page

Photos By: Larry Walsh, Bob and MJ Butt

These are the photographs taken by myself and Bob and MJ. This gives you an idea of what a mess we had to deal with the day we went out to the airport and started cleaning out the hangar and retrieving as much of Bob's salvagable stuff as we could. The first order of business was to squeegie out as much of the silt and mud as we could in order to work in the mess safely. That particular job lasted the whole time we were there as the mud kept coming back in. While looking at these pictures, please keep in mind that the water reached a depth of 11 feet in Bob's hangar before it was all over.

After loading up as much of the mucky mess into trucks and trailers as we could in one day we headed off to Elsinore Airport where Larry Perkins loaned us a hangar from which to work out of. The weeks following were spent cleaning and oiling everything. Lots of things were lost to the water, mud and corrosion caused by something caustic in the gooey mess.

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Waiting in the parking lot Still waiting We arrive at the mudsoaked hangar Our first look at the damage
The office fell over Fred calls for more beer Bob surveys the situation The water line is eveident everywhere you look