Bill Vantassel Memorial I

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photos by: Don Vredenburg

Claude and his Brother "Bad Spot Bill" Vantassel

Air Trash Jumpers ready to load Skips DC-3 for Bill's Aerial Burial

Mike Owens gives us a great spot. On the aircraft we decided that we would all land off the drop zone in memory of "Bad Spot Bill". The spectators knew nothing about it and were very dismayed to see all of us land out with the PERFECT SPOT that Skip gave us. Even Skip was wondering what went wrong while he was landing the plane.

We all gathered in the parking lot to remember Bill and sing the Air Trash Songs.

Bully took this gathering as an oppertunity to add one more member to the ranks of Air Trash. Chuck Slezak was indoctrinated into the Brotherhood during Bad Spot Bill's memorial parking lot party.

Air Trash consoles Claude Vantassel during Bad Spot Bill's memorial parking lot party.

"Bad Spot" Bill at Perris many years ago.

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