Barbara's First Jump!

Photos By: Tammy Stanek

On Thursday, May 9th, 2002 Bully's sister Barbara turned 50 years old. To celebrate this occasion, Bully, Barbara, and her husband David went out to Perris Valley DZ, where she made a tandem jump with Jim Wallace. Mike Owens, and Brad Mecham met them there, and they all boarded the plane together. Bully, Mike, and Brad did a three way, 10 seconds in front of Barb and Jim Wallace. They all landed in the grass and headed straight for the Bombshelter, where they celebrated by consuming large quantities of beer, and watching her video several hundred times.

Happy 50th Barbara !!!

Geared Up And Ready To Go!

Left to Right. Brad Mecham, Bully, Bully's sister Barbara, Tamdem Master Jim Wallace and Mike Owens.

Boarding The Otter

Bully, Barbara and Jim Wallace board the plane.

You Only Turn 50 Once!

Jim and Barbara geek the camera.

What A Way To Celebrate It!

Barbara gives the THUMBS UP as she starts to scare Jim!