Rumble Seat Weekend
January 10, 2004

Photos & Page By: Larry Walsh

The Winners

Air Trash got together on January 10th for the Annual Rumble Seat Meet at Perris. The weather was extremely good for a winter day so shorts and T shirts were in order. It was also Bullies first outing to the DZ since his little accident just before Christmas.

The day went well with at least one member of Air Trash on each of the winning teams. We also had a very productive Silly Tit meeting with a record number of inducties reaching 5 new members. Corky, Tom Brown, Roger Worthington, Ed Lockout and Jack "The Canman" filled numbers 188 through 192. Once the Silly Tit Meeting was over and all the beer in the parking lot was gone we all went to the Bomb Shelter to sing songs and mingle with the rest of the jumpers. All had a great time but couldn't remember much the next morning. Below is a photo essay of the days and evening events to help jog your memories.

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Parking Lot Antics More Antics Posers View From The Tunnel
Pattie's Tatt D 22 Bob Displays His Injury Silly Tit Meeting Begins
More Sillyness Tom Brown Makes Silly Tit Corky Makes It Too Corky Drinks
Roger Worthington Joins The Ranks John Velardo 1st Tunnel Trash Too Drunk To Eat Dueling SCRs
????? Give Us This Day Our Daily Brew Bully & Diane
Morning After Tunnel Crash Tunnel Team 2 Way John Velardo In The Tunnel