ATD December 3, 2005
Danny Hayden Does 500th

16 New Photos Added

Photos & Page By: Larry Walsh & Fred Basile

Story By: John Bull

On Saturday, Dec. 3rd, Danny Hayden made his 500th skydive. To celebrate this momentous event, a 6-way skydive was planned. Those on the jump were : Danny Hayden, John Brasher, Larry Walsh, Bob & MJ Butt, and myself. We quickly got the 6-way round together, with Danny entering last & held it while freefall photographer Brian Stroop filmed the action. From that point, we broke to an open 6-way line, so Brian could catch everybody geeking the camera. Ground winds were good & everybody had nice landings. Longtime Air Trasher Fred Basile , "Little Don" Vredenburg, and Larry Walsh's dog "Tabby" [our Air Trash mascot], guarded over the ice chest while we were in the air. Also on hand to watch the jump, was Danny's longtime work buddy, Mario & his son Mike.

After the skydive was over, we got to view the video & of course the usual parking lot reverie & mayhem ensued, with special emphasis given to Christmas songs & poetry, compliments of the "Air Trash Tallywacker Choir".

A little bit later in the afternoon, Danny's wife Melinda, and also veteran Air Trash guy Chet Bennett, were able to meet up with us & join in on the celebration for Danny. We were even able to place a call to our good Air Trash buddy & fellow Silly Tit, Don Vredenburg, who continues to heal from his carotid artery "Roto-Rooter" job. Don, we wish you a speedy recovery. It was a great day & a good time was had by all. Congratulations Danny,on the completion of your 500th skydive.

There is a DVD of the dive somewhere but we don't have it yet... Stay tuned...

This is John Bull reporting live ..... for Air Trash News .....

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Bob helps out with Danny's 498th jump. Still dirt diving for the 498th jump, Bully is excited. Clouds threatened but soon it cleared up and became a beautiful day. Dear Lord! Please let us touch each other in freefall and may all of our landings be soft ones.
The blind leading the blind.... One potato two potato three potato four.... We can do this. Gotta make sure the photographer gets my good side...
Faceless in Perris... The "Danny Load" stops for a photo op. Once more we dirt dive the round and the line... Think I can remember that... Taking the free-flown exit out the mock-up.
Proclaiming our own exellence. Hi mom, dad, sis.... Love you all... Only the Shadow knows... Larry sticks it.
Bully comes in. and sticks it... We're all here.... Happiness is a great jump...
Colorful canopies and happy faces... It begins.... Danny acting old and grown up... Chet Bennett spots the motorhome.
Danny shows us his grand parents. Danny expresses his love for us.... Dirt Diving the 499th... Dirt Diving from the mock-up...
The rest of these are image captures from the DVD. Quality is so so. On our way to the aircraft. Waving to Fred. Singing the Air Trash Song in the aircraft. Out of the aircraft and into the air. Danny completes the 6 way formation.
Nice Round! Opening the formation. On your mark.... Get set.....
GEEK THE CAMERA! geek....geek....geek geek....geek....geek geek....geek....geek
Break-Off Danny Dumps! And leaves the camerman low... Group Photo. Thanks to Mario for the captures.