I am currently collecting information, stories, and photos of how and when Air Trash was born. If you have or know anything, please send to: A. T. History. This is a way to record our history.
One day, hundreds of years from now, a guy wearing an Air Trash cap will be asked, Where did it all start?

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The History of Air Trash

In the Beginning; Richard Hayden said, "LET THERE BE TRASH!"; And then there was Trash. Lot's of Trash. Trash was on the ground. Trash was in the air. Trash was EVERYWHERE! And the "MIGHTY" of AIR TRASH is still here today.
Pictured here is The Original Air Trash Members alsmost completely covering the dropzone dump truck.

Partial list of the original members:

Bob (space) Atkins, John Deluca, Joe Shepherd, Jumpin Jack Flash, Richard Hayden, Ed Ryan, Larry Fatino,

from: Frankie Hayden Giarrusso

Richard was responsible for the Taft weekend October, 1982. We flew to taft, from Van Nuys, California with Spike in his famous Beach aircraft that had been in many movies, one of which is "1941", starring John Belushi!!
So on Saturday Richard & I went into town for breakfast & shower at one of the hotels some of the skydivers had secured for the weekend. In the shower, Richard told me that he finally felt his self worth, that he loved me and our girls, that he was going to dedicate his life to us and there is nothing but Blue Skies & Butterflies ahead for us!
We had been married for 16 years, Teri & Sandy were 15 & 14 and we'd had some rough times. So, my reply to Richard was, let's not go to the DZ til this afternoon! He said that he organized this weekend & didn't want to disappoint Spike! So we had breakfast & headed to the DZ.
As a side note - Attorney, Glen Racich (also in the crash) was my boss at the time. His 26 year old girlfriend had paid for an observer ride & was having second thoughts, afraid of flying. Glen asked me to reassure her. I told her that I would take her place as observer and she could watch from the ground. She decided to go up. I guess God had different plans for us all!!!

Here is a thumbnail sketch of my recollections of Airtrash the early days.

To the best of my recollection, Airtrash started in the very late 70's (78 or 79) when Rich Hayden and a couple (3 or 4) of his friends started to come out to Elsinore on most weekends. They had gone through the 1st jump course and had gotten off student status at Elsinore. Like most relative newbies, they had trouble getting on loads and ended up jumping together. Dirty Ed and I would often be on the same plane with them and were often amused at their antics. Once in a while Dirty Ed would offer some suggestions while they were dirt diving. Before long I, naturally, became aquainted with Richard ant his buddies (wish I could recall their names, one was named Graham, another was Ted Scholl (nephew of art Scholl) who bounced in about 1980. Stan Krummel, Larry Fatino and I retreived his body from the lake) Another was a young Marine called "Birdog" who bounced at Elsinore pretty early on in the history old Airtrash (possibly even before Airtrash became an official name) . About this time, Richard rented a trailer and space at the Elsinore Ghetto. It became the Friday and Saturday gather spot after jumping. Pretty soon, Airtrash was born. Richard was the founding father. I still have an original Airtrash 3/4 sleeve length Airtrash shirt depicting an incident when they took off in the dark toward the lake in a pickup and got airborne into a gully. Almost immediately there were airtrash hats, and, a couple of years later, airtrash rings. Richard and I don't know who, developed the Airtrash theme song. "The Twelve Days of Jumping" is often attributed to airtrash, but this is incorrect. I first heard that song a couple of years before Richard started jumping. Richard was always adamant that there would never be any Airtrash numbers, so no one really really knows in what order any one person became a member. As you are aware, for years Airtrash was pretty much seen as a bunch of outcasts; in fact I've even heard it said that air Trash is the equivalent of Airborne Hells Angels.
In truth Airtrash is a bunch of fun-loving skydiving enthusiasts who never takes itself too seriously. I have never seen any ostracised.
The idea is to have a good time. No bad vibes allowed.

Chet Bennett

Hi Fred,

This is my first installment of what I know about "Air Trash!!" As Chet Mentioned, Richard was "The Catalyst" that started it all!! "The God Father Corleone of Trash!!" Elsinore was the "Place!!" We all hung out, Jumped, Drank Lots's Beer and generally carried on like the "Heathens!" that we all were!! (And "Hopefully" still ARE!!!) I recall back a few cases of beer, quite a few now, in the late 70's as Chet noted the "Emergence" of "The Air Trash Hat!!" Not to be taken aback, I Partied with, Jumped with and Hung around with "These Guys" but never was afforded the offer to be "Initiated" into the Fold...Oh well, what-the hell, regardless, our lives all intertwined!! I never thought about it too much, we still had,"Lots of Fun!!"..........
Down the road a piece,(old Southeren' sayn') think it was '84 when Bully got "Taken Out in FF!!!" "Busted Femur!!" The Reaper really swung hard!!" But he couldn't Kill Bully!!....Anyway, Bully was in the Hospital, down in O.C., major surgery, lotsa' screws in the Femu, "In Traction (I Think??), and I went to visit one night after work. A few others were there among them Hank "Piglet" Aschuitto, who had brought Bully a "Fresh, New Air Trash Hat!!" that Bully was Sportin' Proudly!!! Bully's old Air Trash Hat was residing on the bed post at the "Head" (WHO SAID HEAD?????) Of Bully's Bed.......Well, Bull Shi##in' along, I forget who said what but it was mentioned about Bully's new hat, and Now! I think it was Bully who said, "Deli, Do You have a Air Trash Hat??" "Why No," I said,"Why do you ask??" Bully responded with some conviction I believe," Hell, You've Been Around and With Us Long Enough!!!(something to that effect) "Here!!!!" (and Gave Me His Old Air Trash Hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I Drank Beer with, Skydived with and sung the Air Trash Songs with the Guys enough and "Trashed Enough With Trash Enough!!" I think it was a "Done Deal!!".......Sported' that "Hat" for some time and I think it was some months later that "Air Trash Bad Man Bennet" was going to tie the knot wth his sweetie so all "Air Trash" in attendance ("THAT!!!!!" is another Story!!!!!! I'm PROUD to be part of!!!!!) needed new "Fresh" Air Trash Hats so the scramble was on!! I got one, as I recall, and a couple of "Spares!!" Well, I then decided as our DZ Buddy Barry Deskins was "Air Trash" and was "In Need Of a Hat" I Passed on my old "Bully's Old Hat that was My First Air Trash Hat to Barry for a Good Cause!!!!!" Being The Benevolent Brotherhood of Trash that we are!!!.............Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my "Cuba Libre'" is gettin' Low an' I have a few other posts to do before I hit the sak!! It's already 0300hrs here!! Stand by for the next install!!
Yesterday 01, JUNE was Joni Williams Birthday (Air Trash Sister) anyone remember (Joni and Angela!!!!!???)
and tomorrow 03, JUNE is my (#70 trip around the Sun!!!!!!) As Rob Crumb (author of"ZAP COMIX!!!) would say,"Keetchy Koo You Bastards!!!!!"

When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will Have GUNS!!!,
Got Guns.....OUTLAW!!,


Hey Fred,

Just wanted to make a correction to Deli's first instalment of Air Trash History.

When Johnny Bull was in the hospital it was not Hank that gave him an Air Trash Hat. That was me and it was my own hat. Hank was on the load where Johnny got taken out and helped me with the S&TA report I did on the incident. It looked new because I had a thing about keeping my Air Trash hat clean. Went to great lengths in this to include dumping Don V's kid on his head in the parking lot at Perris. He had grabbed my hat and thrown it on the ground.

Johnny now carries the banner of Air Trash. And he does it proud.

Micheal Owens

* * UPDATE * *

Hi Fred and all,

Thanks Mike for sharing who gave Bully his "Fresh Air Trash Hat!!" As I recall and now after all these years the memory is a bit froggy!! 'You, Hank..whichever gave Bully the hat!! However, the part about Bully asking me if I had a hat and he gave me his old one is spot on!! And That hat segue's into Chester's wedding as I got another "Fresh hat!!" and a couple of spares and gave Bully's old one to Barry Deskins!!

Blue skies,


Hi Fred,

'Was watchin' an old John Wayne/Jimmy Stewart/ Lee Marvin movie the other night called ,"The legend of Liberty Valence!!" Watch it!! At the end of the movie the two "Reporters" found out the "Truth" of "Who 'really' killed Liberty Valence!!" One says to the other on the way out of the wake," The Legend will stand!".......
Truth and Legend are Strange Bedfellows!! ....................

So much of what happens at the "DZ" is steeped in, after so many cases of "Cold Beer" that "Truth and Legend are in-deed "Very, very 'Strange Bed Fellows!!'"............As The story goes, back at "Old Elsinore, trippin' thru the aspen trees just like "Ole' Nell!" comes the story, the Legend, the Truth, discern what you may from the verbiage, "Butt!!" As I heard thru a "Budweiser Haze One Sunny Day!!" The supposedly (now Legendary) Beginning of that great bunch of "Air Divers" called "AIR TRASH!!!!!!".........Richard and "The Guys" went up one "Blue Sky" Saturday Morning at Old Elsinore (Musta' been late 70's when everything was starting to co-ales into "TRASH"----(Not quite "Air" yet) as the story goes, the group was on an "RW" dive somewhere between 8 and 14 way give or take???? Well, long story, short, the dive turned to "Sh#t!!!! So everybody goes back to the "Ghetto" drops gear "AND" instead of startin' the "YOU TOOK IT OUT!!!" crap ......"Richard" drops his gear, looks around, and says,"MAN, That dive was "AIR TRASH!!" Well that was enough!! Someone passed "The Hat" the collection was taken and a case or two was aquirred of "COLD BEER"(Buds, Coronas 'hard to remember after all these years!!!???) from DeJong's Dairy across the street and the "De-Brief" insuied "Under the "Aspen trees!! I don't know who all was there, but the "Legend" goes that someone said, after uncorking a brew, "Ya' know,'We're a bunch of Dirty Bastards!!'" someone else chimed in ,"Yeah!!!....'Scum of the EARTH!!'" Another said,"Filth of Creation!!!!"...............
"And!!," ...The rest is steeped in so much History, Legend and don't forget the BEER!!!!!................ Meanwhile, back at the ranch, about the time the "GunFight" gets "Hot and Heavy" my "Cuba' Libre'" is gettin kinda lo and I have to do a "Mid-air re-fueling!!!" .......................... I heard this story several times pretty much as I wrote it!!!!! Just like the "Reporter in Liberty Valence" "When there is a disparity between 'Truth and Legend,' Legend will Prevail!!!!!!" If Any Air Trash still alive that were "There" "Remembers" I welcome their remarks because ,"I really want to know, 'Really KNOW!' too!!!!!!" 'Hard to believe it's been over 35 years!!!!!

Got Gunz....OUTLAW!!?,

Hi Fred and all!!!!,"

Hear ye, Hear Ye!!!!!!,
I have posted many times to Air Trash and 2 posts to the A.T. History column and in the last post I believe I mentioned about our Great Ambassador of Good Will, Chester "Bad Man" Bennett, who also posted on A. T. History, I posted about his "Air Trash Wedding!!!!!!...............Stand By Boyz and Gurlz........I gotta' go find my log book stash in that Beer Case box in my "Archives!!" ..and my "Cuba' libre'" is gettin' lo so I have to refresh my flask!!......
I'm back and my "Log # 10" opened up,...jump # 1940, 05JAN1985, "The Ritz!!!!" (A/C) 26MA {Back when it was painted that horrible "Krylon Kamo" for that stint in that Miami Vice episode!!.....Jim Fee at the Controls!!!} [more later] meanwhile, back at the ranch...altitude of the jump ..logged as 16,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean!! FF time I poosted as (Lots!!!!!) 92 seconds and my Total FF time then as 27hr: 42min: 53sec!!
Back at the Ranch, PVP where we all gathered... Dressed in our "Sunday Best" hell this is Chet's hitchin!! We were afforded the Luxury of wearin' our "AIR TRASH HATS!!!!" By Chet's new to be Bride!! PROVIDIN'!! We BEHAVED OURSELVES!!!!!!....................FatChance!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Heehehheh!!
Well the load was "Organized," if you could call it that....I got relegated to the straggler batch, last out OK!! We like that my book says , Me, Mike Hill,(Where in the he2xll is he these daze, I miss that cuss!!!!!) The "Late" Phil Christman, and et-al we had an "8 Way" oh yes, Kelly Grebb came up at the last minute and got on the load so there you have it!!
"Poketa, Poketa!!!!" The DC-3 takes off and heads for the "Ritz!!!!!" The usual frolic goes on on board then we get there and it is "Ready, Set, GO!!" Got the 8-Way and under a "GOOD!!" canopy!! Everybody is circling the landing area on the beach down there at "Salt Creek!!" which is below the cliff at the "Carlton Ritz!!" Check it out... It is a Beautyfull So. Cal. Day!!!!! It is Blue Sky to the face of GOD!!!!, temp is 70'sF* surf is about 2-3' nothing to write home about but there was a lot of coolie' surfers hangin' out surfin' in their shorty johns and their surf babes in bikini's (also like their surf punks, sportin' their "Varnayz" sunglasses) and just thinkin' they are the"COOLEST!!!!!!!!"...............Until.........Air Trash Came Blastin' Outa' the Sky!!!...Canopies Poppin'!!, Divers Hootin' And Hollerin' Flyin in at 2,000 miles an hour, draggin' a toe in the sand all the way to the target!! landing all over the place !!!... I remember some cutie surf chick in her bikini and her boy friend surfer in his shorty johns right there by where we were landing and their jaws were down to the sand!!!! They couldn't believe we could take their "COOL" away from them, ....."But We DID!!!!!".....................OH!! BTW...after we all exited, Jim started a spiral down and with everybody on the deck ....Jim Fee at the helm of 26MA came out of the sky and did the best "BUZZ JOB on the beach!!!!!!!" bar none with everybody hootin' and hollerin' ,except the surf punks and their bikini babes who just couldn't understand what just happened to them!!!!..WE JUST DRAINED EVERY DROP OF "COOL" FROM THEM!!!!!!"
The rest is "Air Trash History!! We went up to the Gazebo where all the festivities were held and Chester "Got Married!!!" ...then everyone retired to the "Banquet Room" where Chester addressed the gathering!!! Someone, I think it was "Al Frisby" (But don't quote me!!) although that voice was very recognizable when it went to ......"memememmememOOOOHHHHH!!!!' Chester quickly waved his right hand down low with the gesture, signifying (Hey guys, I just got Married... If ya'll sing the Air Trash Hymn, I'll be divorced in a New York minute!!) So we just let sleeping dogs lie and went on with a "Civilized" Gathering!! There was a great Feast and Kibitzing afterward with drinks in hand till it was time to go....back to the DZ.....'got back to PVP in the back of somebody's van and made a sunset 6-way,,,,,.....

Another installment of "AIR TRASH HISTORY!!!" that I am so proud to be part of!!

Well Air Trash Friends,
My 'Libre' is gettin' lo' and the time treks into the wee hours and I have things to do in the AM so,,,

Enjoy what I have to say, it happened as I remember and as my log book posts!! Hopefully some of you other Air Trash will loosen up your expository talents and share your memories with us!!!

PS It is 08DEC2015....less than one month till Chet's 31st' Wedding Anniversary .........'hard to believe it has been that long, but as we say,"Time Flies when yer' havin' Fun!!" So it is an appropriate time to post!!

Don V.

I'd like to share my memories of the AirTrash movement in the late 70's & 80's!

I can't recall anything?

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