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Message Posted 9-23-18
from: Jan Works

Dear Friends and Family,

It was one year ago today that Pat Works was inducted into the International Skydiving Museum's Hall of Fame. I thought that those of you who were not present at the ceremony at Skydive Chicago might enjoy the video footage recorded and edited by Skydive TV, the Museum's media partner.

You will find the episodes of the 2017 celebration at:

At the bottom of the screen, to the right of where it says "Select Episodes" click the drop-down (red box) and select the third one down, titled "2017 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration Event".
Emcee and Museum President Curt Curtis introduces Pat Moorehead around the 19:30 mark, and Pat's introduction and personal recollections of (our) Pat and his contributions to the sport begin at 20:18. My acceptance on behalf of Pat begins at 23:35.


Love, Jan

Message Posted 9-7-18
from: Fred B.

New Air Trash caps are in!

Just got a new supply of high quality custom made A.T. caps. The price is $12.00 + S$H from North Hills, CA 91343. Shipping will be with UPS. Don V. had these made, thanks Don.
Send in your order to: Or, if you want to save on shipping, next time you see me at the DZ, ask me. I usually have a few with me.
As a reminder, if you got a new cap in the past at no charge, those were supplied and donated by Pete Hill.
So next time you see him, buy him a beer or two!
Next time you see Don, buy him a beer too!

Hell, while your at it, , , I'll also have one!

Message Posted 9-3-18
from: Randy Green

Hi Fred,
If you can I would appreciate if you could post this SOS as I will be served with papers if I don't pay all my back rent and current rent-a little over 4 grand! I have started a page under the heading of ''RANDY'S KEEP ME OFF THE STREETS'' campaign. When one pulls this up they will hear my story as to how I got in this situation. I figure most people I know, know me though skydiving so this should help me.
This Air-Trash brother just needs a little help 'till my V.A. benefits kick in. You might quote me as saying ''no amount to small as I could use any help!'' I really hate doing this Fred as I have never asked for public help, but I need to keep my apt. for obvious reasons.
Thank-You very much for posting this. I will personally thank everyone!

--BSBD Fred and keep safe.

Randy also writes,

Members can also get on my Facebook page and click on my gofundme photo with a link to my campaign.

* * UPDATE * *

Here's a direct link to Randy's gofundme page

Message Posted 8-13-18
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred,

'Was visiting my friends Kevin and Terry just down the road Friday night!! We were out on the Patio/Bar / "The place to be!!" 'Was just cruzin' along into the AM's.... listening to good tunes, sippin' the Bud Light's and tastin' some cut up fresh, hot "Sour Dough Bread" I just popped out of the oven before I came over!! Terry whipped up some melted hot butter and olive oil dip with fresh herbs!!! OMG was it GOOD!!

'Was sayin' something to Kevin and felt this "THUMP!!!" on my "AIR TRASH HAT brim!!" Everyone started laughing and Terry said,"Bill, There's a 'Tree Frog' just jumped on your hat!!!" Kevin grabbed his phone and took the picture!! Sure enough it was "Carlos Gene!!!!" I took my hat off to get a look at him then he jumped off into the bushes with his compadres!!!

Kevin posted it to my page on "Faceplant",,, "Bill Deli" you can find it!!

I'd have ta' say this has to be an "AIR TRASH FIRST!!!!!!!" So, now in the bushes at Kevin and Terry's lives the "Mascot" of "Dixie Trash!!!!!!!" "HOORAY FOR CARLOS, HOORAY AT LAST,,,,, 'you know the drill!!'"

"Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!!!!!,"
"Let the Good Times Roll,"

Head Honcho...... "Dixie Trash!!!"

Bill and Carlos Gene

PS.... Yer' all probably wonderin',.... "So, who's 'Carlos Gene???" Well, remembern' our old AT Buddy the late "PAT WORKS" who needs no intro.!!! "Carlos Gene" is "Carlos Gene GODFROG!!!!" .. Anyone remember the "GODFROGS??" There' a "LOT!!!" more to the story but it's already 03:00 Monday here and I got things to do in a while and gotta hit the sack..... I will write up the story and post it to the "History of Air Trash" Page later..... It won't be long and I'll let you know when I do!!

Message Posted 7-26-18
from: Bill Davis

Came across a skydiving photo from 1973. Photo by Ray Cottingham.

This is the first all Navy "ten man star" with most jumpers from SEAL Team One. Some to go on, with me, to the US Navy Parachute Team (the Leap Frogs). I am in the red-white-blue jumpsuit on the right... yes, I'm looking at the camera.

Just an old picture to relive my past... but cool.

blueskys & fairwinds,
bill davis, scr97

* * UPDATE * *
from: Grayeagle

Found on FACEBOOK:

( names can be found here )

Except my name is Bill Davis not Davies

This is were I found it -- all credit to Ray Cottingham, not me.

-- Bill

Message Posted 7-2-18
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred,

Here's the photo of "DAVE PASCHAL" our latest "DIXIE TRASH" Member!!! Photo taken at "SKYDIVE RAEFORD aka PARACLETE XP!!" With Dave is "Her Majesty The QUEEN!!!! ... PAT THOMAS!!!" The head Honcho of "SUNPATH!!" of which I am proud to be an Alumni.. Former Final Assembly Quality Assurance Inspector!!!........(also sewing machine mech, "Seamster*," Rigger and general "Man-about-the-shop!!!"

Yup, AIR TRASH is taking over the world hat at a time!!!!!!!

"Who's Next????


(*) SEAMSTER...... the "MALE" version of a "Seamstress!!!!"

Message Posted 7-2-18
from: Nancy Kemble

Join us November 1 – 3 at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida, for the 2018 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration! Our annual weekend fundraiser of jumping, celebration, catching up with old friends and making new ones, and chatting with skydiving’s legends has become the go-to event for the skydiving community! Go to our website at and select "Register". You can also download the registration form and register by mail. We accept all major credit cards. While you are there, be sure and check out the schedule and activities. Also, take a look at the sponsorship and display opportunities…you can buy a support banner for as little as $100.

Message Posted 6-24-18
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred,

Today is the summer solstice...the longest day of the year!! This year it is today.. 21JUNE.... in 1983 it was 25JUNE!! and to celebrate there was "8" of us determined to do a "Bare Ass SCR!!" ..only got 7 but it was one hell of a fun dive... ME, Lizard, Fred, Tony, Jana, Kate, ANNE and Mandy, Photos and vid by Leo D...... Gotta go dig into the archives and find the VHS tape in several beer case boxes of tapes and "down load" it... that is going to be interesting!!'s my log book entry and I'll work on finding the vid!!


Head Honcho...DIXIE TRASH

Message Posted 6-6-18
from: Al Paradowski

Hi Fred,

This is about the 507th PIR on D Day, at Varsity, Bastogne and, ultimately, their assignment as the jump school training unit at Ft. Benning. The film is at the bottom of the page (57min).

D-Day Down to Earth – Return of the 507th

Al Paradowski

Message Posted 5-19-18
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred and all,

It's still 08MAY and the 54th anniv. of my first "Aircraft un-assing!!" (To those too squemish to not puke at the comment, it means "Jump from a not so perfectly good aircraft in flight!!) YUP!! 54 YEARS!! 'Posted a bunch of stuff on my "FB" page... check it out!! I'll post a bunch here!!
First 3 are my first jump. #4 I was settin up on landing and I saw "The Late" Mike Lee sittin in the peas with a camera, wavin' at me and pointin' at the camera!! No problem GI!! Great shot!! Last one ...about '79 jumpmaserin' a bunch of students and Norm Kent was "TAKIN' PICTURES!!" said', "I'll shot your exit!!" "Yer' lookin at it!! Photo by the Great NORM KENT!! I hope Richard or somebody gave him a "AIR TRASH HAT" because if anybody deserves one..he does.. !!!

Go to my "fb" page for more photos and "Comments!!!!'

Head Honcho, "DIXIE TRASH!!!!"

skybill- B-4240, C-3114, D-6009, SCR-2034, SCS-680

more from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred, took this and several others at "Raeford" during my St. Pat's visit... This should be the one!! 'Enclosed also some "Side shots" to show more of the DZ...
The next one is to the left and fwd of the first shot. You see "the Bar" the hanger and office...
3rd is just to the left of the hanger ... that's the "Knights' out there just landed...
last one shows the "school, bathrooms and further down is the "Knights" area..


Message Posted 5-5-18
from: Bill Deli

Please note the photo!!!!
This one I would like to post to the "PHOTOS!!" I told the story of "Harold Faulk's" Ash dive .... more later... this photo was "The Group shot" L-R Bob Lewis, then Shaun O'Neil, both who I worked with at "Sunpath Parachutes in Raeford!!," next is the guy with the white moustache... That's Paul "BIG HARRY" Thompson.. owner of "BIG HARRY'S TAVERN, 3030 Ft. Bragg rd., Fayetteville, NC Where we all "hung out!!", next is "Yours Truly in the Black jump suit , "AIR TRASH" hat and holding in my arms the pouch with the "Golden Knights" crest .. holding Harold's ashes!!!!!!" the Lady on my left shoulder is "Annie!!!" Paul's Wife, Lady in the Grey jump suit is Yvette Walters.... "Great Lady Flier, does Great Camera, is wife of Keith Walters, now former XO of the "Golden Knights" and currently Head Honcho of the USSOCOM "PARACOMMANDOS" Parachute Demo Team!!!! (I'll send you a vid of one of their ops next!!) video at the end of message.

BTW, I needed a "CUTE GIRL" to pull open the sack !!! I couldn't have an "UGLY GUY" do it!!!!... Harold would haunt me to my dying day if I did!! "SO!!" Yvette got the job!!!!!!!... on her left shoulder is Joanie... Harold's GF and our good Friend!! behind her is Mike Lee.....then!!! ...Standing there with the "BIG HARRY'S" Shirt and "Johnny K's (former 82nd AIRBORNE Troop who hung out with us at Paul's place) "Spit Shined Corcoran Jump BOOTS!!!!!!!... Is "DAVE PASCHAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yup!! That's him... His Tandem Master (forget his name at the moment??) and Mike Lee's Brother.... This Photo was taken on 05NOV2005 as you will note this was some time ago.... this was Dave's Tandem intro jump, they followed us .."RIGHT OUT!!" and he was there to watch us pull Harold's Ash Bag!!! BTW... turned out my timing was perfect, it was 05NOV2005 when we finally got everybody organized to get to the DZ and "It was the last Saturday with NICE WARM WEATHER" before "Old Man Winter" started throwing "Noreasters" at us!!
(Ya' gotta' be from NC to understand".....

But to put all this into context, Harold was an "Old Friend" .. now and then he would show up at RAEFORD and watch us jump, .. he would say ," I wanna' do that!!" .. but the cancer got in the way..... Harold passed in September...not long after we had a "Full, Tilt, Boogie" Memorial for Harold at "Big Harry's Tavern" ... Several Bands Played, ..lots of Good friends, good times and Harold's Ashes on the "Band Stand!!"...during the event ...'just happened.. I was telling Joanie and Pau about how in SKYDIVING we took the ashes of our departed friends and released them in freefall!! A week or two later, I stopped in at Big Harry's for a Beer after work.... Paul comes up to me on one side and Joanie on the other, .. Theysay,"Bill, remember how you told us about releasing ashes of friends in freefall??" .. I said,"Yes..?" .. They said,"We think Harold would like that!!!!" .. That's!!!!!!!!!!!how I got the job!!!!!!!!!

Dave Paschal was part of that event!! But he was an event of his own!! We Carry On!! 'Have to "PLAN" a trip to NC just to "JUMP THERE AGAIN!!" Last few trips, the weather was bad, had lots of "FAMILY" to do, you know the drill.. 'Have to do a "ME" trip!!!

I'll keep you posted.......
Blue skies,


Message Posted 5-4-18
from: Duke Goodreau

Wow it this old trash 2 hours to get this far, I’m just not electronically inclined, I would very much like to join you guys in Taft at the old farts boogie. Is it possible to find Don the Air Trash camera man that gave me my Air Trash hat at the 1984 nationals in Muskogee, Animal and Cory and the whole crew made me stand on top of the Air Trash bus with everybody else and sing the AT song while the cameras were winding, I have the film. I rode my Harley from Portland Oregon all the way to Muskogee and jumped accuracy until I Claire’s to hi and Cheryl Stearns had to help me back to my bike and I met Air Trash and the party was on, I drag race Mr Douglas down the runway and beat him and gave him a righteous Air Trash moon, Don had only one leg but he was a most righteous skydiver, so if any old school Air Trash Remembers hook me up.

Redneck D8407

Message Posted 4-29-18
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred!!!!

Be advised!! as I recently posted about our "Old timers reunion of the old Covington La., DZ" that "DIXIE TRASH" Is alive and well!!!!! Well, back on St. Pat's weekend just before, i was back at the old NC, Fayetteville, "RAEFORD" dropzone that Is!! the beginning of "DIXIE TRASH!!!!" (Have to break out a case of beer and cover some territory about those daze!!!) Anyway, while visiting the "hallowed Ground!!" for "St. Pat's" To Raise a glass to all our fallen friends.... my old friend "Dave Paschal" was there at "Paul's Place" in Fayetteville for the "READING OF THE NAMES!!" a tradition going back to the early 2000's... (Friends of the Bar that have passed.. their name and memory is called forthwith the chime of the bar bell" .... MY late wife Peggy is on the list..."WHY I AM THERE!!!!!!!!"
Dave is a friend that goes back quite a few cases of beer!! Peggy was still around back then and we would seem to meet up at Paul's old place "Big Harry's Tavern" for refreshments.. Dave found out I "Skydived" and the attack was relentless!! Harold Faulk, one our friends, patron of "Big harry's" passed from throat cancer.. Paul and Joanie (his girlfriend" approached me to do "Harold's ASH DIVE!! No Problem and Paul said that if "DAVE" (who wanted to start skydiving) would do a Tandem jump wearing a "Big Harry's" Shirt he'd pay for the dive.. Dave followed us out.(I'll have to figure out how to transfer those disc's to "AT") The rest is History!! Dave got into AFF, Graduated, made several jumps with me!! he's now almost "B- license" except for the test!! And I have to admire the Guy's perseverance !!! he has serious "EYE PROBLEMS!!" to the point he can see but they wouldn't give him a "Drivers license!!" But He could see and skydived!!
I jumped with Dave and his perseverance, persistence and fortitude has earned his slot as the "NEWEST" member of our Community the "Slot" called "DIXIE TRASH!!!!!!"
Ladies and Gentlemen of AIR TRASH, please warmly welcome Dave Paschal to the ranks of AIR TRASH!!!!
I As the "Head Honcho" Of DIXIE TRASH" here by sign off on Dave's membership!!
HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!!!!!!,

As soon as he posts me his "New" email addy I will post his info to our site!!

Although it was back at "St. Pat's" that the deed was done (Note photo) ...
Be all AIR TRASH be advised that "DAVE PASCHAL" a Skydiver of dubious claims, who has survived skydivin' with ME and still like's it, LIKES AIR TRASH, and Drinks Beer......IS "AIR TRASH"
Proclaimed by "skybill and his majesty's Royal Scribe "SAMMY SCULL" on this (Should have done this sooner!!) the 29th day of APRIL 2018 ............"SO BE IT!!!!!!"


Message Posted 4-22-18
from: Donna Wardean

25 hardy souls 70 years of age or older...male and female..

Jumpers Over Seventy completed a Freefall Formation of 25 with time to spare......



Message Posted 4-16-18
from: Bill Davis

The reaper swings again...

Sad news... Jack passed at 9:11 (az time I presume) as per Emile.
We will have more to say later, for now let's morn our bro.

blueskys & fairwinds,

grayeagle (bill davis) & betty davis

from: Larry Walsh

I did some of my best skydiving with Jack at Costerisan's Farms. I'll always remember his kindness and that really fun face of his which never had anything but a huge smile on it. I've truly missed Jack all these years since he moved on to Arirzona and will continue to miss him for the rest of my time here. Air Trash has lost yet another one of it's original members.

Rest in peace Brother

Larry D18859

updated * * 4-27 * *

from: Bill Davis

More on Flash...

I talked to Jim, the man who owns the small trailer park where Flash lived/worked. On the day before Flash died he was outside talking to Jack when Jack started looking poorly, very poorly so he sat Jack down and called 911. An ambulance came and picked him up to take him to the Payson Hospital about 70 miles away. Jim followed the ambulance to the hospital and stayed with him the entire time (fine fellow). They placed Jack up in a room for tests and observation giving him IVs, blood, oxygen, whatever he needed including two trips to ICU. The doctors, one a heart specialist, came back with diagnostics: Congestive Heart Failure and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He was also experiencing kidney failure because of these. Congestive Heart Failure is treatable, some live long lives with with modern treatments. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is treatable, some people live decades.

So what happen to Jack. A sad confluence of events. To treat his Lymphoma they would have to give him some strong drugs but his heart wasn't strong enough to tolerate them as it was only working at 20%. They had to wait to see if his heart function improved. It didn't.

The doctors asked Jim to come into Jack's room when they told Jack the outcome of the tests and their prognosis. They told Jack they couldn't do anything for him but in the morning he could be transferred to an hospice. Later that night of the second day, in Mesa, in the hospital, he died under sedation.

Jack's comments on hearing the news: "Whoa, I never expected to go this way."

I wish I could have been there. I did not observe these events first hand but it is what transpired as best as I could put it together. Time and place may vary. It all happen in less than 2 days and at 2 different hospitals 90 miles apart: Banner Payson Medical Center in Payson, Az and Banner Baywood Hospital in Mesa, Az. In addition, Jack's house is 70 miles from the Payson hospital.

When I heard what happen Jack he was already in Mesa, I called several times but he was under sedation or receiving treatments -- no return calls. Betty is keeping track of this through Emily on facebook. Communication via email and facebook has been invaluable. Emily was notified from the hospital and talked with Jack before he died. The whole family was notified -- Sue with her husband David? and Emily all came to Mesa. Jim, Jack's landlord, employer, and friend was with Jack the whole time.

The last we heard from the family Jack's commemorative ash dive will be around his birthday in July at Elsinore. More to come as it is determined.


A little philosophy from Bill, indulge me:

On Jack's comment above, it is something I have said, many of us may have said it. I was thinking of the the activities Jack or I or you have been engaged in our whole lives. We knew they were dangerous but we were skilled and we survived. And that validates our embrace of activities not attempted by others. Jack may have assumed he would go in such an activity but he was good at all he attempted. What's left? We wear out our bodies and die a "natural" death.

Fly Free Flash, I know you will excel at soaring among the clouds.

blueskys & fairwinds,
bill davis, scr97


Message Posted 4-8-18
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred,

When I started jumping here in La., we were at the Hammond Airport.. I left in '66 to go into the Navy and eventually Leon Riche moved the DZ to Covington in '69.... he eventually sold the DZ to the "Green County' bunch and on it went!! Doug Ducote organized a "Reunion" last year and followed up this year!! Well, I "Pre Date" 'bout everybody that was there but it was great meeting everyone and telling "Jump Stories" of yester year!! I had my camera but got quite engrossed talkin' with everyone so 'no pics!!" However i was sent this one foto from Truett Miley .. Me with his lady Courtney Jones sort of a random shot!! But I thought to post it to AIR TRASH!! The "Reunion" was Great... we were at the "Chimes" restaurant in Covington, La...

Anyway, "skybill' with my new found friend Courtney at the "Reunion!!"

AIR TRASH is Alive and Well in Louisiana!!!!!!


Message Posted 3-16-18
from: Joyce Young

I and so excited to get TRASHED, especially with Puline Williams

Message Posted 3-16-18
from: Fred B.

Three years ago after Air Trash member Brian Williams passed away, his wife Pauline contacted me to inform me that Brian's name wasn't on the "MEMBER LIST". I immediately added it.
Then I saw Pauline's name wasn't on the list either. After asking around, I found out she had never been TRASHED. I was on a mission.
A couple of years went by and it never happened.

This year, when I registered for Pioneers Reunion at Felicity, I saw Pauline had also registered. I sent out messages to a few members, and everyone agreed it should happen.
On the first day of the event a large crowd gathered at the Yuma Landing Bar. There I had the honor of meeting long time Air Trash member Gary Young, SCR-1, and his lovely wife Joyce. That's when I thought it would be great for a "DOUBLE TRASHING". But there are rules and procedures to be followed for a double abduction, none of which can be written down or recorded.

The following day, after the dedication of the "First 8 Man Star" in granite, the Trashing began.

On the 9th day of March 2018, Pauline Williams and Joyce Young were officially abducted into the Air Trash Brotherhood where they both flawlessly sang the Air Trash song as witnessed by a crowd of hundreds and were welcomed to the lowest point of their lives.

them.... them....

Message Posted 2-6-18
from: Betty Davis

I have been taken off F.B...tried to get back on but.. exile Dec 18, 2018..alive an fine in Arizona..

(that's OK Betty, if it's not on the AIR TRASH website, it's not important.)

Message Posted 1-16-18
from: Donna Wardean

I'm absolutely ecstatic about getting a full granite panel dedicated to The earliest RW and The ARVIN GOOD GUYS at Felicity, CA. on March 9th 2018.... For the next 4000 years.
Gary Young will be attending.NOW Im looking for Mitch Poteet. Rachel (Newell) and John will be there as well. THEN maybe John and Clarice Rinard and other early RW jumpers (and their families) who persevered and eventually changed the Direction of our Entire Sport.
I also would like to speak with Dick Gernand and Art Tucker. Can you help? And, ..... ALL Y'ALL COME!

meDonna Wardean-Dann"

Kim Knor has registration info and accommodations info. Jumping on Sat. and she has the whole plan on AND

Message Posted 1-16-18
from: Carol Jones

Hey all,

Hope you survived the holiday madness! The teams for the SOS/JOS and WSOS world records are building. Now is the time to get your registration in for these events. We set numerous records last year - lets try to smash them this year!
All the event details including prices and dates are on the website - . There is also a registration form which can be used for multiple events.
For those of you who have participated with us in the past, there will be a slight change this year. We will no longer be offering a coach for those who are not on the record team. However, if you want to participate in all the activities other than being on the record team, Perris has outstanding load organizers and I will make sure they know you will be attending. There will still be a place for everyone to skydive.
If you are looking for roommates or ride sharing, send me an email" and I will forward it to those who are registered.

Looking forward to this!!

See ya in April

Message Posted 1-5-18
from: Donna Wardean-Dann

Fred...... please post this so that word is spread far and wide.....

Thank you Jay.

Please bring to Jacques attention....I am well aware that Relative Work at that time was highly distasteful to the members of the Style and Accuracy disciplines . However without these men, who were invited to do demos at the 1967, 68, 69 U.S.NATIONALS at Marana Arizona, without these men who continued to pursue this dicipline...regardless of the opinion "the Sport" had in the early days......the RECOGNITION and engraving of the First 8 Women would likely not have been done at Felicity.

We might not have done that WOMENS 8 at all.

Later in the years following the 1965 ARVIN FIRST 8, Jumpers of all diciplines even members of our US Teams came to Taft to learn from these ARVIN men (and women by then) and experience Relative Work... which is today's Formation Flying. At the World Championships in 1970, we the U.S.Freefall ExhibitionTeam took enthusiastic Team Captains from a number of foreign countries with us in the AN2's to experience R.W. I was a member of that team ....the only female member. I saw their faces. I saw their enthusiasm. I could see the future in their eyes.
I had learned everything they knew at the time about RW flying from The ARVIN GOOD GUYS when I started jumping in 1966 at Arvin....they were generous and I ran with it.
Without the accomishments by these FIRST 8 MEN..Our Sport would not be as we see it today. WORLD WIDE! (All but 2 diciplines fly in relation to each other.)
Once again I ask you to fight for their recognition in granite.
If funds need to be raised please let me know...I'm pretty good at that. I live only 2-1/2 hours from Felicity in case a future meeting might be scheduled.

THANKYOU....Their fate is in your hands.

from the webmaster,

Jacques Istel has dedicated a full granite panel for the engraving of "The First Eight" which should be unveiled at the Pioneers Parachuting Gathering at Felicity on Friday March 9th.

Message Posted 1-5-18
from: Carol Jones

This is from Kim Emmons Knor - if you have any questions about this event, please email her. Her email address is at the bottom of this article

Subject: Pioneers Parachuting Gathering at Felicity

Just a heads up....... SAVE THE DATES!!!! March 8,9,10 & 11, 2018. The main day for Jacques Istel's events is Friday March 9th.
Attached is what the celebration is all about other than the fact we love to have Reunions at the Museum in Granite!!!
Plan to come for the Landings get together Thursday night and leave on Sunday and you won't miss a thing!! Jumping Friday & Saturday.

Go to sometime this weekend, as soon as the event info is up, and register. $15 per person is a good investment for lots of fun. More information will be added at the website as we get information. Be sure and check in on "Look who is coming" as more people register.
Be ready for lots of fun with lots of great friends!!!!!

Kim Emmons Knor D221

Pioneers of Sport Parachuting


Message Posted 12-19-17
from: Carol Jones

Hey all

Registration is now open for the 2018 SOS/WSOS/JOS world record formation and sequential skydiving events. Please visit the website for all the details and the registration form.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!
See ya in April

Message Posted 9-3-17
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred...and all,
By now you are getting or have gotten your Sept. 2017 "Parachutist" in the mail!! 'Figured with as many "inputs' they get I'd stand a "Snoball's chance in Hell" for getting my photo published!! My sis took me to New Orleans for my B'day and we walked around the "French Quarter" and played "Tourist!!!' Got a photo up on the Mississippi river bank levee looking toward "Jackson Square!!" .....They "Published it!!!" there on page 10 in the "Parachutists around the world!!" That's me in my "Gold Coast Skydivers" Tie-dye T-shirt and my new "River Boat Gambler Straw Panama Hat!!" that my sis got me for my B'Day!! Take a good look!! Andy still stands in spite of rumblings of of his demise by antifa and other "Mercenaries."
For the record, Andy was visiting New Orleans in 1814 and unbeknownst to him and everyone, the "Brits" were pulling into Lake Borgne east of New Orleans and were going to advance, take New Orleans and secure control of the mouth of the Mississippi River thus strangling US Commerce!! Word got down town and Andy mustered his troops, all able-bodied men of New Orleans and the help of Jean Lafitte "The Pirate!!" (He plundered only Brit flagged ships and left the US alone thus he got to hang out here) and all his men and needless to say when the Brits got to Chalmette they "Got Wacked!!" Thus Andy stands Tall in "Jackson Square" in front of the St. Louis Cathedral!! Had Andy and the troops failed.... we'd be paying our taxes to King George and his descendants!!!!! Yer' "Dixie Trash" History lesson for the day!!

Blue skies,

PS: Add on photo, me and my little sister Rose by "Andy!!!"

Happy "B-Day", 'ya Silly Tit

Message Posted 8-29-17
from: Frank Venegas

Hoping someone can get me the name and number of the photographer(s) who filmed the 2 jumps we made with Steve Fieldings group for Al Frisby’s 24 hour Badge, It’s been quite a few years, but I would like to get a copy of those jumps.

I am at,

Message Posted 8-24-17
from: John Bull

Hi Freddy,

I love the new Photo Of The Month Larry sent in.
Close to 5000 jump milestone. 4992 jumps logged. Will make 2 or 3 leaps today & finish up the rest on on Saturday.
# 5000 will take place in the afternoon/evening (possibly even the sunset load)... just depends on how the day plays out.

Arrgh arrgh arrgh

Message Posted 6-5-17
from: John Bull

Hi Freddy,

Normally when an Air Trash guy gets profiled, it's done by local law enforcement agencies... Ha!


from: Bob Butt

Yea Bully!

from: Larry Walsh

Congratulations Bully. Yet another way to get in a cheap plug for Air Trash!


Message Posted 2-9-17
from: John Deluca

On the original Air Trash photo (history of air trash), people actually in the photo:

Bob (space) Atkins, John Deluca, Joe Shepherd, Jumpin Jack Flash, Richard Hayden, Ed Ryan, Larry Fatino, unsure of the rest at this time.

Thanks, John Deluca D10097, Silly Tit #70, Airtrash #

History of Air Trash

Message Posted 11-20-16
from: The Webmaster

Donna launches a new website called, with a focus on Novice and new "A" license skydivers.

Donna writes:
"I am Donna Wardean. I started jumping in 1966 at Arvin, California...(the cradle of Relative Work).
In the early days, in the mid 60's, my peers were generous in sharing what they knew aboout RW. How to get from point A to point B (today this genre is formation flying of various types).
Well, they were big,,, I was small. Their advice didn't always translate or work for me but it gave me a place to start. I loved the sport and challenge... and I had a great career! So as others followed me, I paid it forward. My personal passion has ALWAYS been to help people who were young in our sport to Grow, Mature and Flourish. That is something that came naturally to me because my peers, those early RW men... the Arvin Good Guys shared what they knew with me."

This site isn't just for the Novice Skydiver, it's for anyone that wants to buy sell or trade skydiving related gear.

This and other great links can be found on the Air Trash "LINKS" page.

Message Posted 6-2-15
from: Tim Long

These memorable images, by artist Rob Thundercloud and donated by Tom Sanders are the book cover.

Well, Doug and I have gotten so many requests to do another NSTIWTIWGD book of stories
that we are going to give it a try.

So if you got any you would like to submit to us then email me the story at


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