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Message Posted 12-27-19
from: Ron Winters

Hi folks.
Caz passed away on Christmas Eve. I am not sure when the family will want to do the ash dive but I will keep in touch. He did say he wanted it done at Perris
From what I recall, that is where Al Frisby's was done.

Message Posted 11-29-19
from: Larry Walsh

The Ash Dive and Memorial for Animal will be in Spring '20, exact date has not been determined.
Anyone that wants to be on the load, send your info to Larry,
You and your gear must be current. I'll be posting more information as it becomes available.


Message Posted 10-5-19
from: Carol Jones

Hey all
The 2020 JOS/WSOS/SOS World Record events will be taking place at Skydive Perris.

JOS - Sat - Mon - MAY 23 thru 25


SOS - WED - SUN - MAY 27 THRU 31

* * UPDATE * *

Hey all

Registration is now open for the JOS/WSOS/SOS world record events. There will not be an official "warm up" weekend scheduled but those who arrive early will find numerous load organizers at Perris to tune up with. Also, there will not be formal SOS wind tunnel times scheduled. Those who are interested in wind tunnel time while in Perris, please let me know and I will give you Grace's contact info.

All information is located on the website - including prices, dates and registration form.

Thanks for your patience! And see ya in May!!

Have a wonderful New Year!

Message Posted 9-23-19
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred and all "TRASH!!!"
Back in August of last year I posted about our Buddy, "Carlos Gene GODFROG" a "tree frog" who jumped on my AIR TRASH HAT while I was visiting Kevin and Terry down the lane!!....
Those of us old enough to remember Pat Works and the Tales of the GODFROGS skydiving team and all newbies.... stay tuned...
I always wondered about the "GODFROGS and especially why Pat came up with the name "CARLOS GENE????"
The wonder was steeped in the "DEEP SOUTH" where I grew up and PAT was a TEXAS"AGGIE!!"
Down there in S/E Texas was a bunch of skydivers back in the early 60's Pat hung out with..
Among them was one "Carlos Gene Wallace" .. Don't remember his "D" number right off but I think it was in the 300's??
Photo's 1,2 and 3 are CARLOS GENE!!! #4 is Pat!! (more later) I had heard about Carlos from Herb Golden, Ted Sullivan and a few other jumpers from Hammond, Baton Rouge and generally S/E La. that had gone to Texas and jumped with his Troops!! The stories were wild and need to be on "Steve1's 'Scary Stories from the old days'" post on!!
Onward!!!.. We were at "Pat's" House for a party some time in the mid 70's and I asked Pat about "CARLOS GENE??" and told him of my early days, hearing of Carlos and on....Considering that most early So.Cal. Jumpers never heard of Carlos was one thing but I come up and pretty much figured out who was the inspiration for "CARLOS GENE GODFROG!!"
Pat just looked at me and smiled because "I found out!!" He then flipped thru some files and gave me an 8x10 (first foto) and the proof sheet of some old skydiving!!
This it , I still have it and now it's "Yours!!"
There is a lot more to the "Story!!" but that will have to be told at the BAR!! I will need a lot of Whiskey and some time to tell what I know...
I also ask any other AIR TRASH Troops who have some Carlos Gene stories to come forth!!!!!!!

Blue skies,

Message Posted 8-21-19
from: Donna Wardean

So, when I was in floridas ISM/HOF last year , I met Mr Laurie Sam's. He is known as TRUCK. He has ridden across Thailand, Vietnam, Australia all to raise $ to find a cure for PTSD. His group is called The Long Ride Home or TLRH. He and others will be riding from L.A. TO San Diego, to Yuma. And across the U.S. to D.C. and maybe New York( not certain about N.Y.) did I say Bicycles?
Would it be possible to make a posting about this on the AirTrash web in order to reach as many people for support as possible?
I have offered to go south to hand out H2O somewhere between S.D. and Yuma. They are of course going from military base to base, or their cities, when possible and in runs of about 50 miles. They are looking for an RV (or RV's)to accompany when possible ...
I sent notice to Curt and Nancy in case it struck interest... haven't heard any replys.
Any Ideas... Oh Great One?
I feel this is a BIG DEAL and Honest.

Donna Wardean

Douglas Hildreth: Event Director
Mobil- 804-814-8272

Air Trash

Message Posted 7-30-19
from: Bob Butt

Our baby is getting married 10 Aug to Kyle Glennon. She will be living in Brooklyn, NY after a Fiji Honeymoon.

Thought some good news is in order. A picture of her and us is in the Air Trash Archives.

Blue Skies
Bob and MJ

from: Fred B.


Message Posted 7-3-19
from: Donna Wardean

Remember "Truck" from our hotel in Florida at ISM_HOF? Well, this is from his friend and fundraiser/organizer For The Long Ride Home.
Truck will be riding from L.A. to SanDiego via military installations then on to Yuma base then on across the U.S. etc about 50 miles per day. Local riders will ride also. All to raise funds to fight PTSD. Truck has ridden across Australia, Thailand and I think Vietnam.
I'm sending this to You , FredAirTrash, and to Curt Curtis because I think you may be interested and/or able to help out.

Love you all..

Donna Wardean

from: Douglas Hildreth


Touching base to see if you know of anyone who may be willing to loan (or rent at a reasonable rate) an RV to support Truck during his ride. In terms of amenities, it would need to sleep at least two, have a bathroom (ideally with a shower), and a kitchenette (sink, fridge, microwave, etc.). This vehicle will accompany Truck throughout his ride, offering both occasional lodging and a place to eat and take rest breaks, but more importantly, a safe place to get in out of unforeseen weather, should things become dangerous.
If you know of anyone, or perhaps could point me in the right direction, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for any help you may offer!

Most respectfully,


Message Posted 6-16-19
from: Randy Green

Long time Air Trash sister Sandy Harper Calliham needs a little help, like I did a few months back.
I've set up a "Go Fund Me" page for Sandy and anyone that would like to help can go to-
or you can go to my page,
once there click on "UPDATES" below my picture, and you'll see the link.

Message Posted 6-6-19
from: Jim Papke

It's our way to say THANK YOU

Message Posted 1-9-19
from: Carolyn Roemer

I've been so independent my whole life, but with the sudden loss of everything I've worked for...and I've been living on disability for many years (hard to walk from a back injury)...I'm sort of on the mercy of the universe right now.
I still have my land and the foundation. There will be people in the spring to help clear the fire mess and rebuild. But I didn't have insurance and I'm not really sure what it will take.
It shouldn't take as much as my son put on the go fund will take more then I have, at the moment.
If you think it's appropriate to ask for help...on the air trash site or anywhere else, I humbly appreciate the consideration.
I was really lucky to get out alive. I ran out barefoot...lucky my purse, phone and keys were on the way. This was just two weeks ago and I'm picking up pieces. I have a place to stay this winter. Right now I'm focusing on medical.

With deepest, humble gratitude to be here.

( go fund me link )


Message Posted 9-23-18
from: Jan Works

Dear Friends and Family,

It was one year ago today that Pat Works was inducted into the International Skydiving Museum's Hall of Fame. I thought that those of you who were not present at the ceremony at Skydive Chicago might enjoy the video footage recorded and edited by Skydive TV, the Museum's media partner.

You will find the episodes of the 2017 celebration at:

At the bottom of the screen, to the right of where it says "Select Episodes" click the drop-down (red box) and select the third one down, titled "2017 International Skydiving Hall of Fame Celebration Event".
Emcee and Museum President Curt Curtis introduces Pat Moorehead around the 19:30 mark, and Pat's introduction and personal recollections of (our) Pat and his contributions to the sport begin at 20:18. My acceptance on behalf of Pat begins at 23:35.


Love, Jan

Message Posted 9-3-18
from: Randy Green

Hi Fred,
If you can I would appreciate if you could post this SOS as I will be served with papers if I don't pay all my back rent and current rent-a little over 4 grand! I have started a page under the heading of ''RANDY'S KEEP ME OFF THE STREETS'' campaign. When one pulls this up they will hear my story as to how I got in this situation. I figure most people I know, know me though skydiving so this should help me.
This Air-Trash brother just needs a little help 'till my V.A. benefits kick in. You might quote me as saying ''no amount to small as I could use any help!'' I really hate doing this Fred as I have never asked for public help, but I need to keep my apt. for obvious reasons.
Thank-You very much for posting this. I will personally thank everyone!

--BSBD Fred and keep safe.

Randy also writes,

Members can also get on my Facebook page and click on my gofundme photo with a link to my campaign.

* * UPDATE * *

Here's a direct link to Randy's gofundme page

Message Posted 8-13-18
from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred,

'Was visiting my friends Kevin and Terry just down the road Friday night!! We were out on the Patio/Bar / "The place to be!!" 'Was just cruzin' along into the AM's.... listening to good tunes, sippin' the Bud Light's and tastin' some cut up fresh, hot "Sour Dough Bread" I just popped out of the oven before I came over!! Terry whipped up some melted hot butter and olive oil dip with fresh herbs!!! OMG was it GOOD!!

'Was sayin' something to Kevin and felt this "THUMP!!!" on my "AIR TRASH HAT brim!!" Everyone started laughing and Terry said,"Bill, There's a 'Tree Frog' just jumped on your hat!!!" Kevin grabbed his phone and took the picture!! Sure enough it was "Carlos Gene!!!!" I took my hat off to get a look at him then he jumped off into the bushes with his compadres!!!

Kevin posted it to my page on "Faceplant",,, "Bill Deli" you can find it!!

I'd have ta' say this has to be an "AIR TRASH FIRST!!!!!!!" So, now in the bushes at Kevin and Terry's lives the "Mascot" of "Dixie Trash!!!!!!!" "HOORAY FOR CARLOS, HOORAY AT LAST,,,,, 'you know the drill!!'"

"Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!!!!!,"
"Let the Good Times Roll,"

Head Honcho...... "Dixie Trash!!!"

Bill and Carlos Gene

PS.... Yer' all probably wonderin',.... "So, who's 'Carlos Gene???" Well, remembern' our old AT Buddy the late "PAT WORKS" who needs no intro.!!! "Carlos Gene" is "Carlos Gene GODFROG!!!!" .. Anyone remember the "GODFROGS??" There' a "LOT!!!" more to the story but it's already 03:00 Monday here and I got things to do in a while and gotta hit the sack..... I will write up the story and post it to the "History of Air Trash" Page later..... It won't be long and I'll let you know when I do!!

more from: Bill Deli

Hi Fred, took this and several others at "Raeford" during my St. Pat's visit... This should be the one!! 'Enclosed also some "Side shots" to show more of the DZ...
The next one is to the left and fwd of the first shot. You see "the Bar" the hanger and office...
3rd is just to the left of the hanger ... that's the "Knights' out there just landed...
last one shows the "school, bathrooms and further down is the "Knights" area..


more from: Bill Deli

Please note the photo!!!!
This one I would like to post to the "PHOTOS!!" I told the story of "Harold Faulk's" Ash dive .... more later... this photo was "The Group shot" L-R Bob Lewis, then Shaun O'Neil, both who I worked with at "Sunpath Parachutes in Raeford!!," next is the guy with the white moustache... That's Paul "BIG HARRY" Thompson.. owner of "BIG HARRY'S TAVERN, 3030 Ft. Bragg rd., Fayetteville, NC Where we all "hung out!!", next is "Yours Truly in the Black jump suit , "AIR TRASH" hat and holding in my arms the pouch with the "Golden Knights" crest .. holding Harold's ashes!!!!!!" the Lady on my left shoulder is "Annie!!!" Paul's Wife, Lady in the Grey jump suit is Yvette Walters.... "Great Lady Flier, does Great Camera, is wife of Keith Walters, now former XO of the "Golden Knights" and currently Head Honcho of the USSOCOM "PARACOMMANDOS" Parachute Demo Team!!!! (I'll send you a vid of one of their ops next!!) video at the end of message.

BTW, I needed a "CUTE GIRL" to pull open the sack !!! I couldn't have an "UGLY GUY" do it!!!!... Harold would haunt me to my dying day if I did!! "SO!!" Yvette got the job!!!!!!!... on her left shoulder is Joanie... Harold's GF and our good Friend!! behind her is Mike Lee.....then!!! ...Standing there with the "BIG HARRY'S" Shirt and "Johnny K's (former 82nd AIRBORNE Troop who hung out with us at Paul's place) "Spit Shined Corcoran Jump BOOTS!!!!!!!... Is "DAVE PASCHAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yup!! That's him... His Tandem Master (forget his name at the moment??) and Mike Lee's Brother.... This Photo was taken on 05NOV2005 as you will note this was some time ago.... this was Dave's Tandem intro jump, they followed us .."RIGHT OUT!!" and he was there to watch us pull Harold's Ash Bag!!! BTW... turned out my timing was perfect, it was 05NOV2005 when we finally got everybody organized to get to the DZ and "It was the last Saturday with NICE WARM WEATHER" before "Old Man Winter" started throwing "Noreasters" at us!!
(Ya' gotta' be from NC to understand".....

But to put all this into context, Harold was an "Old Friend" .. now and then he would show up at RAEFORD and watch us jump, .. he would say ," I wanna' do that!!" .. but the cancer got in the way..... Harold passed in September...not long after we had a "Full, Tilt, Boogie" Memorial for Harold at "Big Harry's Tavern" ... Several Bands Played, ..lots of Good friends, good times and Harold's Ashes on the "Band Stand!!"...during the event ...'just happened.. I was telling Joanie and Pau about how in SKYDIVING we took the ashes of our departed friends and released them in freefall!! A week or two later, I stopped in at Big Harry's for a Beer after work.... Paul comes up to me on one side and Joanie on the other, .. Theysay,"Bill, remember how you told us about releasing ashes of friends in freefall??" .. I said,"Yes..?" .. They said,"We think Harold would like that!!!!" .. That's!!!!!!!!!!!how I got the job!!!!!!!!!

Dave Paschal was part of that event!! But he was an event of his own!! We Carry On!! 'Have to "PLAN" a trip to NC just to "JUMP THERE AGAIN!!" Last few trips, the weather was bad, had lots of "FAMILY" to do, you know the drill.. 'Have to do a "ME" trip!!!

I'll keep you posted.......
Blue skies,


Message Posted 7-26-18
from: Bill Davis

Came across a skydiving photo from 1973. Photo by Ray Cottingham.

This is the first all Navy "ten man star" with most jumpers from SEAL Team One. Some to go on, with me, to the US Navy Parachute Team (the Leap Frogs). I am in the red-white-blue jumpsuit on the right... yes, I'm looking at the camera.

Just an old picture to relive my past... but cool.

blueskys & fairwinds,
bill davis, scr97

* * UPDATE * *
from: Grayeagle

Found on FACEBOOK:

( names can be found here )

Except my name is Bill Davis not Davies

This is were I found it -- all credit to Ray Cottingham, not me.

-- Bill

Message Posted 8-29-17
from: Frank Venegas

Hoping someone can get me the name and number of the photographer(s) who filmed the 2 jumps we made with Steve Fieldings group for Al Frisby’s 24 hour Badge, It’s been quite a few years, but I would like to get a copy of those jumps.

I am at,

Message Posted 11-20-16
from: The Webmaster

Donna launches a new website called, with a focus on Novice and new "A" license skydivers.

Donna writes:
"I am Donna Wardean. I started jumping in 1966 at Arvin, California...(the cradle of Relative Work).
In the early days, in the mid 60's, my peers were generous in sharing what they knew aboout RW. How to get from point A to point B (today this genre is formation flying of various types).
Well, they were big,,, I was small. Their advice didn't always translate or work for me but it gave me a place to start. I loved the sport and challenge... and I had a great career! So as others followed me, I paid it forward. My personal passion has ALWAYS been to help people who were young in our sport to Grow, Mature and Flourish. That is something that came naturally to me because my peers, those early RW men... the Arvin Good Guys shared what they knew with me."

This site isn't just for the Novice Skydiver, it's for anyone that wants to buy sell or trade skydiving related gear.

This and other great links can be found on the Air Trash "LINKS" page.

Message Posted 6-2-15
from: Tim Long

These memorable images, by artist Rob Thundercloud and donated by Tom Sanders are the book cover.

Well, Doug and I have gotten so many requests to do another NSTIWTIWGD book of stories
that we are going to give it a try.

So if you got any you would like to submit to us then email me the story at


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